What are Chat bots ?

Tidio chatbot thank you message

Terms like chat bots, virtual assistants or natural language processing have entered the marketing speak already. They are, most likely, confusing, I admit. However, these are also the things we, business owners, talk and obsess about, and for a reason.
Much of the data we have suggests that the rise of chatbot marketing will only continue, after all.  
According to Gartner, for example, within just a year, chatbots will handle up to 85% of customer service interactions.

How do Chat bots Work?

Every interaction with a chat bot focuses on two core activities:
  1. Analysis of the user’s request, in which the computer program breaks down an incoming message to identify user intent and match it with relevant information.
  2. Returning the response – Delivery of the identified messages to satisfy the user intent or request.